Milliliter To Pint Conversion Chart

Milliliter (ml) Pint (pt)
0.01 ml0.000021141649048625795 pt
0.1 ml0.00021141649048625794 pt
1 ml0.0021141649048625794 pt
2 ml0.004228329809725159 pt
5 ml0.010570824524312896 pt
10 ml0.021141649048625793 pt
20 ml0.042283298097251586 pt
50 ml0.10570824524312897 pt
100 ml0.21141649048625794 pt
500 ml1.0570824524312896 pt
1000 ml2.1141649048625792 pt


A milliliter is a measurement used in the metric system. The metric system is a system of measurement that uses the liter as the basis for measuring capacity. A milliliter is a unit used to measure capacity. It's equal to one-thousandth of a liter. In other words, 1,000 milliliters could fit inside a one-liter container.


The pint (symbol: pt) is a unit of volume or capacity in both the imperial and United States customary measurement systems. In both of those systems it is traditionally one eighth of a gallon.