Nanosecond To Hour Conversion Chart

Nanosecond (ns) Hour (h)
1 ns2.777777777777778e-13 h
2 ns5.555555555555556e-13 h
5 ns1.3888888888888889e-12 h
10 ns2.7777777777777777e-12 h
20 ns5.5555555555555555e-12 h
40 ns1.1111111111111111e-11 h
80 ns2.2222222222222222e-11 h
160 ns4.4444444444444444e-11 h
320 ns8.888888888888889e-11 h
640 ns1.7777777777777778e-10 h
1280 ns3.5555555555555555e-10 h
2560 ns7.111111111111111e-10 h

Convert from nanosecond to hour formula

Total hour =
Total nanosecond

For example, if you want to convert 900000 nanosecond to hour then,

= 2.5e-7 h

Convert from hour to nanosecond formula

Total nanosecond = Total hour x 3600000000000

2.5e-7 h = 2.5e-7 x 3600000000000 = 900000 ns


A nanosecond (symbol: ns) is an SI unit of time equal to one billionth of a second. Time units ranging between 10−8 and 10−7 seconds are typically expressed as tens or hundreds of nanoseconds.


An hour (symbol: h) is a unit of time usually equal 60 minutes. The time of day is typically expressed in English in terms of hours. Whole hours on a 12-hour clock are expressed using the contracted phrase o'clock, from the older of clock.