Nanosecond To Day Conversion Chart

Nanosecond (ns) Day (d)
1 ns1.1574074074074074e-14 d
2 ns2.3148148148148147e-14 d
5 ns5.787037037037037e-14 d
10 ns1.1574074074074073e-13 d
20 ns2.3148148148148146e-13 d
40 ns4.629629629629629e-13 d
80 ns9.259259259259258e-13 d
160 ns1.8518518518518517e-12 d
320 ns3.703703703703703e-12 d
640 ns7.407407407407407e-12 d
1280 ns1.4814814814814814e-11 d
2560 ns2.962962962962963e-11 d

Convert from nanosecond to day formula

Total day =
Total nanosecond

For example, if you want to convert 1200000 nanosecond to day then,

= 1.3888888888888889e-8 d

Convert from day to nanosecond formula

Total nanosecond = Total day x 86400000000000

1.3888888888888889e-8 d = 1.3888888888888889e-8 x 86400000000000 = 1200000 ns


A nanosecond (symbol: ns) is an SI unit of time equal to one billionth of a second. Time units ranging between 10−8 and 10−7 seconds are typically expressed as tens or hundreds of nanoseconds.


The unit of measurement "day" is defined as 86,400 SI seconds and symbolized d. A day is usually 24 hours, plus or minus a possible leap second in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and occasionally plus or minus an hour in those locations that change from or to daylight saving time.