Minute To Hour Conversion Chart

Minute (min) Hour (h)
1 min0.016666666666666666 h
10 min0.16666666666666666 h
15 min0.25 h
30 min0.5 h
60 min1 h
120 min2 h
240 min4 h
480 min8 h
960 min16 h
3840 min64 h
7680 min128 h
15360 min256 h


The minute is a unit of time usually equal 60 seconds, or one 60th of an hour. The minute of atomic time is very nearly equal to the mean solar minute in duration.


An hour (symbol: h) is a unit of time usually equal 60 minutes. The time of day is typically expressed in English in terms of hours. Whole hours on a 12-hour clock are expressed using the contracted phrase o'clock, from the older of clock.