Hour To Decade Conversion Chart

Hour (h) Decade (dec)
1 h0.000011415525114155251 dec
2 h0.000022831050228310503 dec
5 h0.000057077625570776254 dec
10 h0.00011415525114155251 dec
20 h0.00022831050228310502 dec
40 h0.00045662100456621003 dec
80 h0.0009132420091324201 dec
160 h0.0018264840182648401 dec
320 h0.0036529680365296802 dec
640 h0.0073059360730593605 dec
1280 h0.014611872146118721 dec
2560 h0.029223744292237442 dec


An hour (symbol: h) is a unit of time usually equal 60 minutes. The time of day is typically expressed in English in terms of hours. Whole hours on a 12-hour clock are expressed using the contracted phrase o'clock, from the older of clock.


A decade is a period of 10 years. Decades may describe any ten-year period, such as those of a person's life, or refer to specific groupings of calendar years.