Rankine To Réaumur Conversion Chart

Rankine (°r) Réaumur (°re)
0 °r-218.52 °re
1 °r-218.07555555555555 °re
2 °r-217.63111111111112 °re
3 °r-217.18666666666667 °re
4 °r-216.74222222222224 °re
5 °r-216.29777777777778 °re
6 °r-215.85333333333335 °re
7 °r-215.4088888888889 °re
8 °r-214.96444444444444 °re
9 °r-214.52 °re
10 °r-214.07555555555555 °re
11 °r-213.63111111111112 °re
12 °r-213.18666666666667 °re
13 °r-212.74222222222224 °re
14 °r-212.29777777777778 °re
15 °r-211.85333333333335 °re
16 °r-211.4088888888889 °re
17 °r-210.96444444444444 °re
18 °r-210.52 °re
19 °r-210.07555555555555 °re
20 °r-209.63111111111112 °re

Rankine Scale

The Rankine scale is named after Scottish physicist William John Macquorn Rankine. Similarly to kelvin absolute zero is 0 °R, equivalent to -459.67 °F. Rankine uses the same interval as Fahrenheit.

Réaumur Scale

The Réaumur scale, named after René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur places water freezing point at 0 °Ré and water boiling point at 80 °Ré.