Newton To Reaumur Conversion Chart

Newton (°n) Reaumur (°re)
0 °n0 °re
1 °n2.4242424242424243 °re
2 °n4.848484848484849 °re
3 °n7.2727272727272725 °re
4 °n9.696969696969697 °re
5 °n12.121212121212121 °re
6 °n14.545454545454545 °re
7 °n16.96969696969697 °re
8 °n19.393939393939394 °re
9 °n21.818181818181817 °re
10 °n24.242424242424242 °re
11 °n26.666666666666668 °re
12 °n29.09090909090909 °re
13 °n31.515151515151516 °re
14 °n33.93939393939394 °re
15 °n36.36363636363637 °re
16 °n38.78787878787879 °re
17 °n41.21212121212121 °re
18 °n43.63636363636363 °re
19 °n46.06060606060606 °re
20 °n48.484848484848484 °re

Newton Scale

The Newton scale, was invented by Isaac Newton. 0 °N was defined by Newton to be the temperature of melting snow and 33 °N, the temperature of boiling water.

Réaumur Scale

The Réaumur scale, named after René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur places water freezing point at 0 °Ré and water boiling point at 80 °Ré.