Newton To Rankine Conversion Chart

Newton (°n) Rankine (°r)
0 °n491.67 °r
1 °n497.12454545454545 °r
2 °n502.57909090909095 °r
3 °n508.0336363636364 °r
4 °n513.4881818181818 °r
5 °n518.9427272727273 °r
6 °n524.3972727272727 °r
7 °n529.8518181818182 °r
8 °n535.3063636363637 °r
9 °n540.7609090909091 °r
10 °n546.2154545454546 °r
11 °n551.6700000000001 °r
12 °n557.1245454545455 °r
13 °n562.579090909091 °r
14 °n568.0336363636363 °r
15 °n573.4881818181818 °r
16 °n578.9427272727273 °r
17 °n584.3972727272727 °r
18 °n589.8518181818182 °r
19 °n595.3063636363637 °r
20 °n600.7609090909091 °r

Newton Scale

The Newton scale, was invented by Isaac Newton. 0 °N was defined by Newton to be the temperature of melting snow and 33 °N, the temperature of boiling water.

Rankine Scale

The Rankine scale is named after Scottish physicist William John Macquorn Rankine. Similarly to kelvin absolute zero is 0 °R, equivalent to -459.67 °F. Rankine uses the same interval as Fahrenheit.