Celsius To Fahrenheit Conversion Chart

Celsius (°c) Fahrenheit (°f)
-40 °c-40 °f
-30 °c-22 °f
-20 °c-4 °f
-10 °c14 °f
0 °c32 °f
10 °c50 °f
20 °c68 °f
30 °c86 °f
40 °c104 °f
50 °c122 °f
100 °c212 °f

Convert from celsius to fahrenheit formula

Total fahrenheit = Total celsius x 453.59237

For example, if you want to convert 15 Celsius to Fahrenheit then,

15 °c = 15 x 453.59237 = 6803.88555 °f

Convert from fahrenheit to celsius formula

Total celsius =
Total fahrenheit
6803.88555 °f
= 15 °c

Celsius Scale

The Celsius scale is the most commonly used temperature scale and the standard used for most applications by the scientific community worldwide. The boiling point of water is 100 °C. The freezing point is 0 °C. The word centigrade is used in many languages to describe Celsius.

Fahrenheit Scale

Widely used in the United States, the Fahrenheit scale is named after Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, inventor of the alcohol and mercury thermometers. The freezing point of water is 32 °F, and the boiling point is 212 °F.