Millimeter To Yard Conversion Chart

Millimeter (mm) Yard (yd)
0.01 mm0.000010940919037199125 yd
0.1 mm0.00010940919037199125 yd
1 mm0.0010940919037199124 yd
2 mm0.002188183807439825 yd
5 mm0.005470459518599562 yd
10 mm0.010940919037199124 yd
20 mm0.02188183807439825 yd
50 mm0.05470459518599562 yd
100 mm0.10940919037199125 yd
500 mm0.5470459518599562 yd
1000 mm1.0940919037199124 yd

Convert from millimeter to yard formula

Total yard =
Total millimeter

For example, if you want to convert 1500 millimeter to yard then,

= 1.6411378555798688 yd

Convert from yard to millimeter formula

Total millimeter = Total yard x 914

1.6411378555798688 yd = 1.6411378555798688 x 914 = 1500 mm


A millimeter is the smallest unit. There are 10 mm in one centimeter, if an object is smaller than one centimeter, you would use millimeters. A scientist measuring something under a magnifying glass might use millimeters to represent a tiny specimen.


The yard (symbol: yd) is an English unit of length, in both the British imperial and US customary systems of measurement, that comprises 3 feet or 36 inches. Since 1959 it is by international agreement standardized as exactly 0.9144 meters. 1,760 yards is equal to 1 mile.