Square Foot To Hectare Conversion Chart

Square Foot (ft2) Hectare (ha)
1 ft20.000009290312990644655 ha
10 ft20.00009290312990644655 ha
20 ft20.0001858062598128931 ha
50 ft20.0004645156495322327 ha
100 ft20.0009290312990644654 ha
500 ft20.0046451564953223275 ha
1000 ft20.009290312990644655 ha
2000 ft20.01858062598128931 ha
5000 ft20.04645156495322327 ha

Square Foot

A square foot is a way to measure area. It is the area made by a square that has 1 foot sides. It is used mainly in the United States and partially in Bangladesh, Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, India etc


A hectare is a unit of measurement of area. It is equal to 10,000 square metres, or a square with sides of 100 by 100 metres. 100 hectares is 1 square kilometre. Therefore, a farm with 200 hectares of fields has 2 square kilometres of fields.